Scales of Justice


Ohio Coalition to End Qualified Immunity, believes that officers, agents, prosecutors, and judges, since given qualified immunity, have blurred equal scales of justice. They are protected when working within the color or the law but slowly they have become an organized crime unit and they no longer value due process or other constitutional rights they no longer uphold the civil rights of the citizens. In order to balance the scales of justice police reform must not only remove the unequal unconstitutional qualified immunity but they must be prosecuted when they violate state & federal law. Our country is in great peril due to qualified immunity as it covers those once deemed respectable as now criminal and careless with the lives of those who they once swore to protect. When judges & prosecutors violate due process they violate the law and this once constituted a case be dismissed now it's becoming a part of the daily exercise by those within the justice system. That is why we are working so diligently to end qualified immunity and equal the scales of justice once again.


Ohio Coalition to End Qualified Immunity invites and urges you to publicize, support, and endorse our on coming efforts to protect Ohio's Constitution and our Civil Liberties. Our multiracial coalition is not about being anti-police, it’s about fighting for human life. The time for change is now, and the great news is we can protect the Ohio Constitution. In short, we need your help to to End Qualified Immunity. The free press has played important roles in each state’s adoption of modern policing, legislation, and policy. At its best, humanity thrives where there is leadership calling people to rally around common ground, despite the deep divisions remaining, to be healed across people everywhere. The common ground is simple: ending qualified immunity is not about being anti-police, it’s about saving human lives and protecting Ohioans' Civil Liberties.


OHTEQ is led by Social Justice Grassroots Organizations, Ohio Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency, Religious Leaders, and LEER (Law Enforcement Equality Reform)